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Chapter Two

To overcome anomie, Community-based Governance is a virtuous feedback cycle which everyone will want stay within and seek to impart the community’s social mores.

Personalizing it, here is the crux and beauty of CBG: No one has the power to put me to death, tax me, fine me, tell me how to run any of my businesses, how to build out my properties or put me in jail unless they personally know me.

For the million objections that I foresee coming, give me a chance to elaborate on the beauty and advantages of Community-based Governance and have it stand side by side to the current dismal political solutions we currently live with now.

The key to making Community-based Governance work is a framework of supporting principles that surround the core of Community-based Governance living.

Quoting Ayn Rand, “The smallest minority on earth is the individual.”  Let each and everyone of us decide what is best for us. However, that simple concept needs to be wrapped within a society that has been taught what is best.

And thus, it all begins with education that passes on morality and emphasizes supporting creativity and play on our young.

Community-based Governance leverages the strongest and most powerful human trait which is really the two faces of one coin and that is the overwhelming need to love and be loved. All that is intertwined with self worth within which is pride of work, standing in society, familial affection and the lessons learned in overcoming adversities brings: ergo, a sense of accomplishment of being able to fulfill that deepest of longings.

If we all had the above, surely that would solve the majority of human woes. Where does striving comes from? The urge to devour and attack when we do not feel safe. Each community landscape is unique to their circumstances and familial structures. For this, Community-based Governance provides a platform to creating trust and the testing ground for experimentation on how to be better humans.

We all have a very finite time on this earth; any political structure that places more burdens upon our resources and time, needs to be eliminated. I don’t use a weaker tone than that because the freedom to living to our fullest is everything.

The below principles might seem disparate but they are all vital in creating a new way of governance for human flourishing. These principles seek to mitigate the majority of our human misgivings:

Skin in the game.

Taught morality.

A swift, effective and efficient justice system.

A sliding scale of oversight for the individual.

The necessary freedom to fail and grow from adversity.

We need to protect the weakest minded and physically disadvantaged members of our society. But apart from these, following the Pareto Principle, leave the 80% of our population alone.

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