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Community-based Governance

Chapter One

I am not here to propose a perfect world system of governance. I am looking at the status quo and saying we can do better than this.

As a libertarian, I adhere to the principle of non-aggression. However, this principle certainly doesn’t preclude me from acknowledging an exchange of mutually beneficial care and protection we can all afford each other. As with all things in life; this does necessitate a giving of some control but never the ultimate control which is the freedom to exit a situation where any future contract have not been entered into yet.

As a humanist, I seek to put in place systems that promote the long term continuance of the human race. Complex man calls for a nuance framework. To do that, I would have to work with the complexities of our human nature.

My impetus to help our older generation is the raison d’être that drives my passion to seek change. Those that know me have heard me say, if a horrific idea such as communism that works against human nature can take hold of the imagination of hundreds of millions of people, why not good ideas. To help our future most vulnerable population means that good governance has to begin now.

To posit long term solutions, I will need to lay out the necessary framework from ideas based on the inner workings of our human psychology. As a gerontologist who has always placed value on our older population and a passionate student of economics, long term solutions to a better way of governance means a whole scale shift to one that works with and not against our baser human nature while inspiring our more enlightened parts.

In the short term, we all need sustenance and shelter. However, my call, as paradoxical as it might seem to ensure the longevity of the human race; is we need to focus on ideals that promotes meaning for living first. When people have a purpose beyond themselves, that’s when humans can then begin to dream beyond striving for the basics necessities and those then in turn become mundane needs that will be fulfilled as a matter of course.

Striving for something more than ourselves is a basic principle that I consider to be a priori to our discussion. Unfortunately, whole volumes can be written to support the many a priori claims I will be putting forth here. And thus, acknowledging my hubris with much bravado, I can only list these principles out as such.

At the heart of this new way of governance, is community-based governance; hence the name of this book. With finite resources, with an eye always towards the long term viability of any governance, the most efficient and effectual is one not based on strict rules written on thousands of pages such as our current system. The ideal way is one that is of the most gentle and yet uses the tightest and strongest ties that bind us together. Those ties are our relationships with each other.

Any system that tears down these ties do so at the peril of waste, inefficiency and ineffectuality. Worse, bad governance destroys lives and takes away meaning.

Following these principles will give us the greatest return on efficiency, expediency, affordability, and a higher standard of living.

When we have a higher standard of living, and there is wealth for more people than ever, there will be a freeing up of resources to focus on beauty, elegance, good manners, graciousness, fulfillment, meaning in life, charity, kindness, spirituality, better healthcare, cleaner environment and most importantly, the abundance to practice noblesse oblige towards everyone.

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