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About me

As of May 2023, I am officially back in Orange County, Southern California, after taking time off to travel around Europe and the Bay Area. I fill my days with my sound bath practice and giving tennis lessons. As a mobile notary public, I also have the chance to meet new people and am fully verified and background-checked by the state.

A little background about me. After completing business school at the University of Southern California (USC), I worked at two financial institutions as a financial analyst at the beginning of my career. Soon after, I switched careers and worked as an engineer at a high-tech company for many more years. However, even as an undergraduate at USC, I was always interested in gerontology, so I eventually went back to graduate school and obtained my Master in Gerontology, also from USC. While attending classes, I became an ombudsman while I was living in San Jose and then around La Jolla, where I had bought my second home. After graduating, I became involved with the tiny house movement and decided to set up a tiny house community. At my peak, I had 30 people living in 24 tiny houses on the 10 acres I had procured in Austin, Texas. 

Since then, I have pivoted and consider myself retired but still active. I love being a sound bath practitioner for my many friends and clients. Coaching tennis has also been a joy for me, and I specialize in teaching kids and adult beginners. You can also find me busy running around town performing notary public services.

I also offer services as a foodie tour guide around Orange County. My car seats four passengers, and I would love to show you the best restaurants around Newport Beach and beyond. However, I only do day tours on any weekday, including breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon teas.

My friends come to me for relationship advice. So I would love to connect with you and be a “wing-girl for hire.” Let’s go shopping or just take a walk together. You will have a sympathetic ear and all the wisdom I have accumulated over the years through self-study and also through life’s experiences.

I am currently writing a book called “Community-based Governance.” I am a fan of market urbanism, which flows from my love of fostering a more sustainable and closer-knit community. You can find my chapters on Substack. As a big foodie, I do restaurant reviews amongst other things on YouTube and Instagram. Fashion, art, architecture, interior design, and all things of beauty are of interest to me.


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