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About me

I live in Orange County, Southern California. Life is wonderful here and nothing beats the community of friends I have in this area. I fill my days with my sound bath practice and tennis lessons. I am a fan of market urbanism which flows from my love of fostering a more sustainable and closer knit community. As a big foodie, I do restaurant reviews on YouTube. Fashion, art, architecture, interior design and all things of beauty are of interest to me. 

After completing business school at University of Southern California (USC), I worked at two financial institutions as a financial analyst at the beginning of my work career. Soon after, I switched careers to worked as an engineer at a high-tech company for many more years. 

Even as an undergraduate at USC, I was always interested in gerontology so I eventually went back to graduate school and obtained my Master in Gerontology, also from USC. While attending classes, I became an Ombudsman while I was living in San Jose and then around La Jolla where I had bought my second home. After graduating, I became involved with the tiny house movement and decided to set up a tiny house community. At my peak, I had 30 people living in 24 tiny houses on the 10 acres I had procured in Austin, Texas. 

Since then, I pivoted again and consider myself retired but still active. With that, I love being a sound bath practitioner to my many friends. Coaching tennis has also been a joy for me and now, I specialize in teaching kids and adult beginners. 

As a notary public, I also have the chance to meet new people.  I am fully verified and background checked by the state, ready to serve with my notary public commission in hand. 

These are the things that fill my time apart from reading books on urbanism, community, self-improvement, economics, politics and religion.


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